The Cleanflow CPR Cleans, Protects and Restores...breathing life back into your heating system.

Using innovative, simple technology, it automatically Cleans strainers, Protects heat exchangers and sensitive equipment and Restores heat without the need for an engineer visit and without the resident noticing a reduction in heat supply.

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The unique, easy and reliable way to ensure that poor water quality doesn't compromise your heat supply

  • Automatically cleans the HIU strainer

  • Automatically restores heat to occupants

  • Saves £££ on repeat engineer callouts

  • Self cleans primary heat network and improves system efficiency

  • No water loss, so requires no water makeup

  • Primary inhibitor levels unaffected

  • Auto-close on power failure

  • Replaces manual flushing bypass valves and facilitates the commissioning of new systems - ideal for contractors and property developers

Technical Data

  • Maximum closing pressure - 15 bar

  • Maximum operating temperature - 90˚C

  • Working current <500MA

  • Life 70,000 cycles

  • Actuator rotation 90 degrees

  • AC/DC 110-240V

  • Maintains flow

  • Easy to install

  • Compact assembly

  • Open/Closed indicator

  • Programmable unit

  • Flexible configuration

  • Full bore valve for maximum flushing

  • Manual override

  • CE mark

  • EN12164 / EN10204 3.1   

  • EN10088-2 / EN1254-2 

  • ISO 6957 / BS6920   

  • IP67 protection

  • Brass, stainless steel 304/305, EPDM