Cleanflow CPR automatically cleans the strainers and restores heat without the need for an engineer visit and without the resident noticing a reduction in heat supply. Cleanflow CPR can be fitted either


  • during site development (Cleanflow CPR replaces manual flushing bypass valves and facilitates cleaning and commissioning of new schemes);
  • or retrofitted to existing systems and offers an economical, long term remedy for automatically removing debris, reducing callouts, extending the life of the HIU and providing excellent value.


The Cleanflow CPR directly flushes system debris through the strainer and back to the boiler room, bypassing the HIU and protecting the expensive heat exchanger. It can do this once or many times each day, ensuring that residents never lose their heat supply. 

In addition, the primary heat network ‘self-cleans’ itself every day as debris is flushed back to the boiler room where it can be permanently removed from the system via the main filter.


CleanflowCPR offers multiple installation options to suit your system and its flexible apparatus means in can be installed in a variety of locations.

Cleanflow CPR

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  • Cleanflow CPR saves thousands of pound on maintaining your communal heating systems by automatically Cleaning strainers, bypassing and Protecting sensitive equipment like heat exchangers and Restoring heat to the occupants. By flushing system debris through the strainer back to the boiler room it enable your heating network to self-clean itself.

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